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Gaven Bell

Biological Sciences, Class of 2023

Emma Benfield

Animal Science, Transfer Class of 2025

Ellen Benitez

Civil Engineering, Class of 2025

Geneva Benson

Animal Science, Class of 2026

Eli Blackwelder

Science Education, Transfer Class of 2025

Arana Blake

Chemistry, Class of 2023

Alysha Blake

Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2026

Zachary Boulton

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2023

Abigail Braswell

Animal Science, Class of 2026

Samantha Britt

Biological Sciences, Class of 2025

Austin Brown

Paper Sci & Engr/Chem Engr, 2025

Cameron Brown

Aerospace Engineering, Transfer Class of 2024

Sara Buchanan

Biological Sciences, Class of 2023

Kon Buchanan

Computer Science, Transfer Class of 2023

Emma Budden

Microbiology, Class of 2025

Miles Bueza

Biomedical Engineering, Transfer Class of 2025

Landon Burt

Chemical Engineering, Class of 2023

Maggie Campbell

Microbiology, Class of 2024

Lila Cantrell

Forest Management, Class of 2024

Gregory Capps

Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2024

Patrick Cardona-Cosner

Environmental Sciences, Class of 2026

Erica Castillo-Duran

Chemical Engineering, Class of 2024

Mika'el Chabeda

Agricultural Science, Class of 2024

Danielle Chadwick

Biological Sciences, Class of 2024