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Goodnight Scholarships

The Goodnight Scholarships office prepares North Carolina's top STEM talent to become transformational leaders at NC State University, in North Carolina and in the world.

Goodnight Scholarships

The Goodnight Scholarships office is home to two scholarship programs, the Goodnight Scholars Program and the Goodnight Transfer Scholars Program. The Goodnight Scholars Program was founded in 2008, and the Goodnight Transfer Scholars Program was founded in 2017, both with generous support from NC State alumni Jim Goodnight ‘65 and Ann Goodnight ‘68. In addition to full-tuition scholarships, both offer comprehensive student development programs designed to develop scholars into leaders within the STEM and STEM-education fields. 

96% Graduation Rate Since 2012

$23k/Year in Scholarship Amount

350 Current Goodnight Scholars

T-5 days until our First-Year Finalist Interview Day.  Throughout the week, we are sharing stories from interviews days past, with stories ranging from embarrassing moments, to the genesis of life long friendships.  Finalists, we hope that these stories demonstrate that while you may be nervous, while you may mess up a question, or while you may cry in your interview like Sammie, everyone is there support you and wants to see you succeed. 

See you soon!
Join us in congratulating our 102 finalists for the Goodnight Scholars Program. We look forward to seeing you all on Interview day, March 2nd! No need for heavy arms, sweaty palms, or weak knees. Just be yourself 😁

Click the link in our bio for the full list of students.
The Goodnight Scholars Program is proud to celebrate Black History Month! 

Elise Hines C'27 is passionate about her future role as an educator, and she hopes to uplift her students to their fullest potential. Join us in reading the latest GS Blog about Elise's, "My “Why?” – How one teacher inspired my journey to education."
Xavier Jones (Class of 2025), a Raleigh native, has always had a profound affinity for technology, intertwining his passion for innovation with every facet of his life. His journey is a testament to resilience, showcasing how personal obstacles can be transformed into stepping stones towards achieving one's aspirations.
January Programming recap incoming! This month, our new scholars attended the Belltower Blues Concert, enjoyed a cultural potluck, and had fun with Cirque De Vol.
Let's hear why Mika'el Chabeda (Class of 2024) decided to major in Agroecology + Plant Biology and the potential plans ahead of him 🌽🍠
Ambassadors Jobie, Jonah, and Hailey are here with a few Goodnight facts! 

Did you know that each month, Goodnight has online outreach ambassadors that you can reach out to with any questions?! Additionally, to apply for the Goodnight Scholarship, you must first fill out the general NC State Scholarship application. Finally, Goodnight organizes service trips, such as NC Mountains to Coast and Environment, Conservation, and Outreach (ECO)!
Goodnights take on the Krispy Kreme Challenge 2024
Lynlee Martin (Class of 2027) shares her experience majoring in Animal Science, the hands-on opportunities she had, and her future goals 🐖🐂
Rhianna Absher (F'25) is studying animal behavior during the April 8th, 2024 total eclipse. Learn about how she and her team are using citizen science in their research.
Let's take a peek at Ruben Quiroz's schedule (Transfer of 2026) this semester! Follow along as he starts the morning with a strong mindset, connecting with scholars, and ending the day with some studying 🧬🔬
Bailey Walters (Class of 2027) is taking every opportunity that comes her way. From NCSU organizations, such as the AATCC (American Association of Textile and Color Chemists), to connecting with her fellow scholars, she moves closer to her goal of becoming a pediatric physician's assistant. 

Read it here:
Encouraged to pursue instruments when he was younger, Trey Mumma expresses how his relationship with music has evolved, the impact it has had on his development, and the lessons he has learned.
With a burning passion to work with electronics and be a continuous learner, Jack Fetkovich ('27) shares his experience in pursuing Computer Engineering and the extracurricular activities he has participated in. Read to learn about his journey so far and the future goals he has set for himself moving forward
Ambassadors Hannah, Holly, and Deana are here with a few Goodnight Facts! Did you know that in 2022, we expanded our Goodnight Transfer Scholars Program to 50 scholars each year? Additionally, we have Mayventure trips to Northern California and Vancouver, Canada. Finally, we offer professional development opportunities, such as resume building!

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We are excited to introduce Esmeralda Zuniga, Class of 2027!

Tune in with us to hear about her passions outside of the classroom and the ways she has been able to pursue them at NC State!