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Goodnight Scholarships

The Goodnight Scholarships office prepares North Carolina's top STEM talent to become transformational leaders at NC State University, in North Carolina and in the world.

Goodnight Scholarships

The Goodnight Scholarships office is home to two scholarship programs, the Goodnight Scholars Program and the Goodnight Transfer Scholars Program. The Goodnight Scholars Program was founded in 2008, and the Goodnight Transfer Scholars Program was founded in 2017, both with generous support from NC State alumni Jim Goodnight ‘65 and Ann Goodnight ‘68. In addition to full-tuition scholarships, both offer comprehensive student development programs designed to develop scholars into leaders within the STEM and STEM-education fields. 

96% Graduation Rate Since 2012

$23k/Year in Scholarship Amount

350 Current Goodnight Scholars

Getting some reps in before interview day. Transfer finalists, we will see you soon!
Valeria Rayo-Solano ('26) is currently researching bacteriophages at Justus Liebig University Giessen in Germany. Learn about the viruses that infect bacteria!
The Goodnight Scholarships office at NC State University revealed the finalists who will participate in the Program’s annual Transfer Finalist Interview Day. From the Finalist Interview Day, 50 students will be invited to join the Goodnight Transfer Scholars Program’s Class of 2027.

Click the link in our bio to view the names of the finalists for the Transfer Class of 2027
Madison Lawson (Class of 2024), shares her passion for gardening and cooking inspired her academic focus on the journey of food. Majoring in Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems, Madison demonstrates her desire to explore food's social impact and food security. A leader in campus ministry, Madison combines her academic pursuits with deep faith and a commitment to service.

Happy game day, Wolfpack!

Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Rishi Rau (Class of 2027) shares his interests growing up and how that has shaped his choice for his major. Alongside the academic journey, read about how he has overcome obstacles during his first year at NCSU as well as how he was able to stay connected with his culture!
Graduating this Spring, Dylan Pham (Class of 2024) talks about his favorite Goodnight memory and what he hopes to accomplish in the time leading up to graduation. Let's hear it!
The man. The myth. The legend. Dr. Jim Goodnight.

Thanks for hosting us this afternoon.
Sandra Santillan (T'26) researched Age-Based Genomic Screening (ABGS). Learn how screening could identify “actionable” conditions that could be treated or prevented before symptoms develop in young children.
The Goodnight Scholarships Office is excited to celebrate the graduation of Caitlyn Frazier, majoring in Elementary Education. In this spotlight we showcase how as a teacher, Caitlyn hopes to nurture minds and embrace cultures.
During spring break, Goodnight Scholars embarked on adventures, from studying abroad to participating in service projects, and building community!
The Goodnight Scholars Program is proud to celebrate Women's History Month! 

Join us in learning about Maia Wilde, Class of 2026, and her passion for the environment!
The Goodnight Scholarships Office is excited to celebrate the graduation of Morgan Stephens, Transfer Class of 2024! In this GS blog, "Oh, I’ll Just Worry About That When I’m Old," Morgan reflects on the academic and personal growth she experienced throughout her time at NC State.

Willamina Ingle (Class of 2026) grew up loving nature and constantly finding ways to incorporate it into her life. She shares about the gender-related challenges she faced in her academic journey. Despite these obstacles, she overcomes them as she pursues her goal of becoming a doctor and finding a community within NCSU and Goodnight.
February Programming recap incoming! This month, our scholars cooked curry shrimp , made Valentine Bouquets & Cards, served at the Ronald McDonald House, and learned about the Pre-Health track.
Follow along with Goodnight Scholar Adam Nawar (F'27) as he walks us through his steps of being a Microbiology researcher, attending his weekly cohort dinners, and the mindset of staying consistent 🦠