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Goodnight Scholarships

The Goodnight Scholarships office prepares North Carolina's top STEM talent to become transformational leaders at NC State University, in North Carolina and in the world.

Goodnight Scholarships

The Goodnight Scholarships office is home to two scholarship programs, the Goodnight Scholars Program and the Goodnight Transfer Scholars Program. The Goodnight Scholars Program was founded in 2008, and the Goodnight Transfer Scholars Program was founded in 2017, both with generous support from NC State alumni Jim Goodnight ‘65 and Ann Goodnight ‘68. In addition to full-tuition scholarships, both offer comprehensive student development programs designed to develop scholars into leaders within the STEM and STEM-education fields. 

96% Graduation Rate Since 2012

$22k/Year in Scholarship Amount

300 Current Goodnight Scholars

BHM x #LoungeDrip ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏿✊🏽

Happy Black History Month from the Goodnight Scholarships Office! Stay tuned for stories, videos, interviews, and podcasts highlighting some of our Black students and staff and the awesome things they are doing.
January Programming recap incoming! This month, our scholars practiced their rock climbing skills, attended a Raleigh mural walking tour, participated in an aerial class, and more!
Ellie Kitchin, First Year Goodnight Scholar Class of 2023, is currently in her last semester of her undergraduate career at NC State. Click the link in our bio to learn more about her favorite memories within the Goodnight Scholars Program, her major, and the extracurriculars that have shaped her time here.
Follow along with Goodnight Scholar Juan Gomez (T’25) as he walks us through his day of getting active, a wellness day in the lounge, and volunteering!
Joel Robinson, first-year Goodnight Scholar within the Class of 2026, is originally from New Zealand. Click on the link in our bio to learn more about his transition from New Zealand to the United States, and how the Goodnight Scholars Program has impacted his undergraduate experience thus far.
Miles Bueza, Goodnight Transfer Scholar Class of 2025, has many hobbies along with her studies at NC State. One in particular, shuffling, is a type of dance that has helped her achieve creative freedom while growing as an individual. Click the link in our bio to learn more about Miles and her unique art form!
On this episode, Rosie sat down with Jennifer and Jackie Jimenez to talk about their similar upbringings as children helping out at their small family businesses, being a morning or night person, time-management, finding peers with similar backgrounds, worst types of customers, and appreciating the work done by their  parents

Link in Bio
Get ready for our last ‘Day in the Life’ reel of the year!

Follow along with Mariana de Andrea Pereira (T’24) as she walks us through her day around campus, featuring her time in the gym, Goodnight Lounge, and special events in the area!
Eliette Crenshaw, Goodnight Scholars Class of 2025, is one of the many who shared their world view as part of GSP 251. Click the link in our bio to learn more about her outlook on life and the world around her!
Have questions about the Goodnight Program? Ambassadors Soto, Zachary, and Kodjo are here to deliver the answers to three commonly asked questions in a snap! From whether there is a Goodnight Scholars course to the different types of programming events offered, we aim to ensure you have the correct information to your comfort. Be on the lookout for future reels answering the other questions or visit the website’s FAQ page!
Robert English, Goodnight Class of 2025, is one of the many who presented their worldview as part of GSP 251. Click the link in our bio to learn more about Robert and his outlook on life and the world around him!
To the future Goodnight Class of 2027: invitations to apply to the Goodnight Scholars Program are out! The invitation was sent to the same email you used to apply to NC State. Be sure to check both your regular inbox and your spam folder for your invitation.  Best of luck to you all. Go Pack!
Follow Goodnight Scholar Hilton Stallworth (‘24), a Mechanical Engineering major, as he takes us through a day in his life from the boxing gym to the Senate floor!
Introducing the new Goodnight Cooking Series! Each month, students will learn how to cook recipes from other students and staff as they learn new cooking skills and try fresh foods.
Here we are learning how to make Gallo Pinto, a traditional Costa Rican breakfast that Joselyn grew up eating. The concept with Gallo Pinto is that you’re using the leftover rice and beans from the day before. One of the main ingredients is Salsa Lizano, a flavorful sauce made in Costa Rica and used in several dishes!
Jobie White, a Class of 2025 Goodnight Scholar, has felt the stress revolving around final exams just like many students on NC State's campus. Click the link in our bio to learn more about how Jobie prepares and studies for exams while keeping his mental health in check!
Let's check in with Jennifer Jimenez, a Computer Engineering major from the Transfer Class of 2024, about how the semester has been for her!