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Mentorship opportunities are available between students and industry professionals, and between under-and-upperclassmen in the program

Goodnight Fellows Program

The Goodnight Fellows Program is a professional mentorship program for second- and third-year Goodnight Scholars.
Scholars are paired with professional mentors (Goodnight Fellows) in their fields of interest.

  • Participation in the Goodnight Fellows Program will help scholars 
    • Gain a better understanding of their academic field and what it takes to become a successful professional in the field 
    • Learn how to be a STEM or STEM education professional, how to approach research problems, and how to think critically about scientific problems
    • Develop a relationship with a professional in their field, as well as other networking opportunities

Goodnight Mentors

A Goodnight Mentor serves as a personal connection for incoming first-year and transfer scholars to the Goodnight Scholars Program and NC State.
The Goodnight Mentor provides academic, social, and emotional support for first-year and transfer scholars through various one-on-one conversations and group programming. Each mentor is assigned two new scholars.

Having someone in my corner to help guide me through my first semester of college was an experience that I will forever be thankful to the Goodnight Scholars community and my mentor for!

Hannah Morris ’25

Elementary Education