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The office prides itself on being a place where all students can feel welcome. Everything that happens in the program stems from an inclusive mindset.

Inclusion at Our Core

NC State values diversity, equity, inclusion and justice. In the Goodnight Scholarships office, we prioritize these values in everything we do, from our programming and advising to our selection and onboarding processes, and by the ways, we foster a sense of belonging within the greater Goodnight community. 

In congruence with the priorities of the 2021-2030 Strategic Plan, we’ve developed the following focuses to continue cultivating an inclusive, welcoming, and supportive community of scholars.


  • Create a welcoming, equitable, and accessible environment 
  • Address areas of systemic inequality within our program 
  • Expand cultural competency for scholars and staff 
  • Foster a sense of belonging for all scholars

Student-Focused Initiatives

• Common Grounds
• Fall Break: RISE
• Critical Conversations Exchange
• Identity Groups/Community Meet-Ups
• Community Conversations

Student Initiatives

Office-Focused Initiatives

• Student Leadership Training
• Diversity Report
• GSP 250/251/252
• Advising
• Selection
• Communications

Program Initiatives