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Ashleigh Stocks

Biological Sciences, Class of 2026

Anna Strickland

Education, Transfer Class of 2026

Ashton Sumpter

Biological Sciences, Class of 2026

Kodjo Tanou

Computer Engineering, Class of 2024

Eh Taw Boe

Animal Science, Transfer Class of 2025

Don Teasly

Biochemistry, Transfer Class of 2025

Madison Thompson

Engineering, Class of 2027

Hanh Tran

Biomedical Engineering, Transfer Class of 2025

Emanuella Tran

Environmental Sciences, Class of 2026

Victoria Tuggle

Civil Engineering, Class of 2025

Meredith Tunstall

Biochemistry, Class of 2025

Anthony Tyburski

Electrical Engineering, Class of 2026

Jessie Urbina

Mechanical Engineering, Transfer Class of 2024

Jason Urrutia

Technology, Design, & Engineering, Class of 2025

Manuel Valbuena

Environmental Engineering, Class of 2024

Sarah Vessey

Animal Science, Transfer Class of 2024

Morgan Walker

Crop and Soil Sciences-BS Class of 2025

Zachary Walker

Chemistry, Transfer Class of 2025

Bailey Walters

Polymer and Color Chemistry

Adam Wampler

Environmental Sciences, Class of 2024

Coley Welch

Education, Class of 2027

Jobie White

Science Education, Class of 2025