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Logan White: Transfer Spotlight

Logan White, Transfer Class of 2025, has a wide range of interests from dance to physics. She was even a professional ballet dancer before becoming a Goodnight Scholar! Read on to learn more about Logan’s passions and goals.

Introduce yourself!

Hi y’all! I’m a Physics major in the Transfer Class of 2025. Although I am a third year student, this is my first year at NC State. I have called North Carolina home for most of my life, and you could say I’m a small town girl in a big time city! When I’m not scribbling on a whiteboard or writing code, you can find me playing guitar, reading science fiction, or penning short stories of my own. 

A fun fact about me: before I decided to pivot to physics, I was a professional ballet dancer pursuing a career in performing arts!

Why did you choose your major?

It is a bit cliche, but like most kids, I wanted to be an astronaut growing up. The library was my second home as a child, and I spent countless hours absorbing any space-related book or documentary I could get my hands on. Astrophysics became a career option that lingered in the back of my mind after high school, and when I started community college, I decided to take physics on a whim. My professor was an incredible instructor, and ended up sparking that old interest back to life. She also happened to be a NC State alumni, and encouraged me to apply to the physics department here!

What is your favorite part about the Goodnight Scholars program?

The sense of community in the Goodnight Scholars program is incredible! Beginning my journey at NC State as a transfer student was daunting, and I was nervous about entering a new environment without a familiar support system. From day one, Goodnight became that community that I desperately needed. There is always a familiar face to spot in passing, another Scholar willing to lend a helping hand or offer advice, a place to find your niche or passion and flourish. The Goodnight Scholars program is amazing at creating an environment that encourages scholars to build each other up and pour back into the larger community of NC State and the surrounding area, and it’s one of my favorite parts of the program.

What made you decide to transfer to a four year institution?

College was always in my plan. While I loved dance, I knew that I loved learning and wanted to be a scientist later in life. This was actually my second time applying to NC State: I deferred enrollment in 2018 in order to devote my time towards ballet and didn’t imagine that I’d be back again so soon!

Do you have any plans for after your undergraduate degree?

I’m looking forward to applying to graduate schools and pursuing a Ph.D. in astronomy or astrophysics. Research is where my passion lies, and I’m excited to become the scientist my younger self dreamed of being! I also plan to stay involved in the Goodnight community, and continue making science accessible to underrepresented minorities. I want the next generation to have the resources and opportunities to explore their scientific interests and reach for the stars, just like I did.