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A Goodnight Spotlight: Miles Bueza

Miles Bueza, Goodnight Transfer Scholar Class of 2025, has many hobbies along with her studies at NC State. One in particular, shuffling, is a type of dance that has helped her achieve creative freedom while growing as an individual. Read on to learn more about Miles and her unique art form!

Tell us about yourself!
Hello! My name is Miles. I’m part of the Goodnight transfer class of 2025 as a student in the joint NCSU/UNC Biomedical Engineering program. I have an interest in specializing in microdevices. My hobbies include painting, drawing, shuffling and editing videos. Some fun facts about me include: I was born in the Philippines, I have two golden retrievers, I love electronic dance music, and I’m fluent in Tagalog.

Tell us all about shuffling and its Importance to you.
Shuffling is a dance form that is seen a lot at EDM raves and festivals. I picked up shuffling when I was 16 after I watched a video of Elena Cruz shuffling on Instagram. I am self taught and learned by slowing down videos since there weren’t a lot of tutorials when I first started. I see shuffling as an art flow. It’s a way to express my soul through dance, a chance for me to escape the intense stress I face from life and school. It may seem silly or simple but I find absolute joy in the simple act of lacing my LED shoes and doing the running man to 130 beats per minute. Before I started shuffling, I had no confidence in myself or my footing. It taught me patience, how to be resourceful and made me realize that I have the ability to learn and achieve anything I set my mind to.

Do you participate in any extracurriculars at NC State that you would like to touch on?
I plan to join the Biomedical Engineering Society. I also frequently attend events by the Asian Students Association as well as the Filipino American Student Association to stay in touch with my culture.

How has the Goodnight Scholars program impacted your time here at NC State?
The Goodnight Scholars program has provided me with resources, an additional support system, and a community at NC State. The Pro-staff have been helpful in preparing me for a career and with navigating a new environment as I transition from a community college to NC State. Being a part of this community is amazing. Other scholars always greet me with a smile and ask how I’m doing when I see them around campus. Diversity is also celebrated in this program. As an immigrant, I never imagined I would have all of the resources and opportunities that this program offers. I am grateful and proud to call myself a Goodnight Scholar.