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New Year, New Facility

“New Year, New Me” is something we always hear people say in the beginning of a new year.

Many of us start off with new resolutions and new goals for the year that we want to be beneficial to our lives. This year I am hoping to focus on my wellness at our new gym facility on campus. I am so excited to be a part of the new Wellness and Recreation Center at NC State University.

My name is Kyanna Sumpter, but everyone calls me Kay. I am currently a Junior here at NC State and majoring in Elementary Education with a Special Education licensure add on. I love being on campus and finding opportunities to meet new people that have the same interests as me. One place that I love to be is the Wellness and Recreation Center. 

During my first Wolfpack Welcome Week at NC State, I attended the RecFest program that the Wellness and Recreation Center was hosting. At this event, they had a variety of vendors and organizations sharing information about them and giving students the opportunities to talk with them. I had the opportunity to chat with one of the directors of the Wellness and Recreation Center. He told me about a huge hiring event they were having and encouraged me to apply. 

I was really nervous at first because it would have been my first job in college on a campus I was still trying to learn and figure out more about. I decided to apply and I was hired for the job! I started off as a Facility Assistant during my freshman year. I loved working as a Facility Assistant because I was able to meet so many new people. As a Facility Assistant, I was the first person users saw when walking into the facility. I started to meet so many other students, faculty and staff that still remember me. 

Over time, I was able to learn more and expand my knowledge of the facility. Once I began to learn more, I started to cross train and work more positions. I am now a Facility Supervisor, Sports Programs Supervisor, and a Fitness Assistant. No matter what position I am working, I am always filled with joy and excitement.

One thing I love about working at the Wellness and Recreation Center is the feeling of belonging. I love having the chance to work as a part of a team and serve as a leader in the facility. Working for the Wellness and Recreation Center helps me fulfill a part of my wellness: Purpose.

The Wellness and Recreation Center just completed a project in October 2020 that expanded our facility to 430,000 square feet. We have more group fitness spaces, a new climbing wall, a teaching kitchen, outdoor workout space, and so much more. Opening up our new Wellness and Recreation Center has been such an exciting experience for me. I was able to see the building during construction and work in it now that construction is over. With so many new spaces and returning spaces opening up for the Spring 2021 semester, I am so excited to be a part of the team. 

I am hoping that you come out to see our new and improved Wellness and Recreation Center!