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Goodnight Spotlight: Welcoming Gaige Cogswell

Join the Goodnight Scholarships office as we extend a huge welcome to the newest addition to our team, Gaige Cogswell. Gaige will serve as one of our program coordinators specifically developing programing opportunities for our transfer students. Learn more about Gaige, his interest, and his professional experience, in his introductory Goodnight Spotlight!

Tell us a little bit about who you are and where you’re coming from?

My name is Gaige Cogswell and I’m a native of North Carolina, and grew up in Holly Springs, NC. I’m a two time Appalachian State University Alumni where I received my bachelors degree in Sociology and my masters degree in Student Affairs Administration. Since graduation I have worked at Appalachian State University, Meredith College, and at UKG, a tech company. I’m excited to be returning to working in higher education!  And I now currently reside in Durham, NC with my two friends from college!

How did you know you were interested in working with college students?

As an undergraduate student I had so many opportunities connecting with my peers, staff, faculty, and administration and through these interactions I realized working with college students, specifically providing support and helping students build community, is a passion area of mine.

What most excites you about joining the Goodnight Scholarships office? 

There’s a ton that excites me about joining the Goodnight Scholarships office! I’m really excited about working with the students and helping them navigate their academic career as well as life outside of the classroom. I’m really excited to see the students grow and develop and figure out what happiness looks like for them in their future. College is such a pivotal part of growth and setting up a foundation for your future, so I’m excited to see where students end up and why!

How do you view your experience as a transfer student impacting the way that you approach the role?

Having been a transfer student myself, I see areas of growth that post-secondary institutions can build upon. I think being able to use the lens of being a transfer student who came from a community college and navigated college, and was successful, can help me help students navigate their college journey. I’m excited to help transfer students navigate their experiences in  and outside of the classroom.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I love to play volleyball, tennis, pickleball, really any activity where I’m outside enjoying the sunshine! I love to travel and explore new places with friends. I’m also a big FOODIE so I love going to new places and trying new foods!

What is a dream that you have that is not tied to work?

A dream of mine is to travel to Asia. I’m specifically interested in traveling to Bail, Tokyo, and Thailand. I love to learn about different places in the world and how they came to be, I love history and all it has to offer.