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Goodnight Spotlight: Hailey Hammonds

Throughout the month of November the Goodnight Scholars Program will feature some of our Native American scholars and alumni in celebration and recognition of Native American Heritage Month.

When asked to describe the Hailey that will walk across the NC State graduation stage in 2023, Goodnight Scholar Hailey Hammonds described a “confident” graduate who knows “where she is going and what she wants personally and professionally.” To learn more about Hailey’s journey to NC State, read our November Goodnight Scholars student spotlight. #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth

Goodnight Scholars Program: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hailey Hammonds ’23: I’m a third year Chemistry major from Knightdale, NC. Even though I grew up in Knightdale I spent a lot of my childhood in Lumberton, NC with my extended family. I enjoy doing yoga, reading, and creating oddly specific playlists on Spotify.

If you had to summarize your personality in one sentence, what would it say?

I’m fiercely loyal to the people I care about but not in the “I’m always by your side” way but the “sometimes you’re wrong and I will call you out on it because I want you to be the best you can be” way.

What has your favorite memory so far at NC State been?

My favorite memory so far at NC State happened one month ago. I learned 1 hour before the Harry Styles Love on Tour concert started that I was going to that concert. My roommate originally was going with a friend of hers, but that fell through and she thought she wasn’t going at all. Then at 7:00 pm she gets a text that her friend was going to sell her both tickets if she had someone she wanted to go with. She asked me, I said yes and then we scrambled to get ready and leave in time for the concert that started at 8:00 pm. It was hectic and a little stressful getting there but it has already become one of my favorite memories so far.

What is one experience you need to have at NC State before you graduate?

I need to spray paint in the Freedom Expression tunnel.

Where is your favorite place to study on campus, and why?

When my apartment is too distracting to be in, I love studying in D.H. Hill, especially in the bookstacks or in this alcove on the 3rd floor with really comfy chairs that I found my freshman year.

What Goodnight Scholars Programming event are you most excited about this semester?

I’m excited about Mayventure and really want to go to either Canada or California and hope that I get chosen this year.

Looking 1.5 years down the road, describe the Hailey you want to see at graduation from NC State in 2023?

I want to see a future me that is confident in where she is going and what she wants personally and professionally.