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First-Year Student Stories

Goodnight Spotlight: Bailey Walters

Bailey Walters (Class of 2027) is taking every opportunity that comes her way. From NCSU organizations, such as the AATCC (American Association of Textile and Color Chemists), to connecting with her fellow scholars, she moves closer to her goal of becoming a pediatric physician’s assistant. Read to hear about her journey!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Bailey Walters, and I am from Farmville, NC. I am an avid reader, with an affinity for romance, fantasy, and thrillers. I love going shopping, dressing up, hiking in the NC Mountains, going on hot girl walks, going to sporting events, and of course, my favorite color is pink. Growing up, I participated in a variety of activities: danced for 16 years in all styles of dance, played on my high school women’s varsity tennis team, was a Girl Scout for 11 years, and was a volunteer at ECU Health Medical Center. From a very early age, I’ve wanted to help people who needed it which left me with a particular interest in medicine. I grew up in a family of first responders; my great-grandfather, great-uncle, uncle, and dad were all volunteer firemen. Watching my dad jump up at the first sound of his pager to go and help those in need, no matter who they were or what their emergency was, had a large influence on my career aspirations to become a pediatric physician’s assistant. In conjunction, my great-grandfather and great-uncle are both NC State alumni. My great-grandfather got his Masters in Agricultural Education, and my great-uncle got a Bachelors in Horticulture. As a third-generation legacy, I felt a strong pull to NC State even before I toured the school. The combination of my family’s work as first responders and my love for NC State led me to be a student here in a degree program I love, and I could not be prouder to carry on the legacy. 

What piqued your interest in Polymer and Color Chemistry? 

When researching degree programs at NC State, I chose the Polymer and Color Chemistry (PCC) program because it was the perfect fit for me. Keeping PA school on my mind as I tried to find a degree, I wanted something that would prepare me for my graduate studies, as well as other careers if PA school fell through. PCC classes are very small, so knew I would be able to connect with my classmates and professors and take advantage of every learning opportunity possible. While I had a general understanding of the degree and what I would be learning, I was excited about the topics I would discover in class. With a semester as a PCC major under my belt, I love my degree program and can already see how the combination of my PA school prerequisites and PCC classes will provide me with a unique perspective working toward a career in medicine.

Can you tell us your favorite Goodnight memory so far? 

My favorite memories from Goodnight are ones where I get to know my cohort. Whether that be through family dinners, movie nights, hanging out in the Goodnight Lounge, or going to GSP events, I’ve met some of my favorite people. We are all very hard workers, so having those moments filled with jokes, stories, debates, and sharing more about ourselves to relax, hang out, and enjoy being college students are ones I appreciate, and will cherish forever. 

What is your vision for the next few years at NCSU and in the program? 

During my time at NC State, I plan on taking advantage of every opportunity I can. Last semester, I joined Alpha Omega Epsilon, a professional and social sorority with a focus on STEM, and am now on the Public Relations committee. This semester, I will be a part of AATCC (American Association of Textile and Color Chemists) and Pack Peers. I plan on joining the Summit Church student ministry group on campus. During the rest of my time at NC State, I hope to become a student ambassador for the Wilson College of Textiles, work as a CNA in a local doctor’s office, do medical textiles research, and serve on the executive board of AΩE. After graduating with my PCC degree, I plan to get my Masters of Science in Textile Chemistry as a part of the Accelerated Bachelors and Masters program and continue the research I started during my undergraduate career. While I still want to go to PA school later on after I gain enough clinical experience, I don’t want to move past my newfound interest in medical textiles so soon. 

If you could name a new color, what would it be and why? 

If I could name a new color, I would name the color of a Starbucks strawberry refresher. A strawberry refresher is a very pretty pink color, so I would name it “Strawberry Refresher Pink”.

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