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Goodnight Spotlight: Anthony Avery and His Transition From The Military

Anthony Avery, a Goodnight Scholar in the transfer class of 2025, transitioned from the military to where he is now. Read more to learn about how the military has helped him throughout thew start of his first semester at NC State.

1. Tell us about yourself!

I am a sophomore in the BS aerospace engineering program. I love outdoor activities like hiking and camping, range day is always fun, and fishing. I guess a fun fact would be that I’ve visited seven countries, including the U.S.

2. What has your path looked like to get where you are today as an undergraduate student?

My path to NC State has been nothing less than chaotic, unexpected, and dark, at times. Five years ago, I could not have told you that I would be here today, and neither could anyone I knew. 

3. What made you want to transition from the military?

I actually was not ready to leave the military, but following some injuries and a surgery, I had no choice. I was sent to a medical evaluation board, which determined that I was no longer fit for active duty.

4. How has your time in the military impacted your life as a college student?

Honestly, after spending six years with the 10th Mountain Division, adjusting back to civilian life was incredibly difficult. Luckily, I went through that period of my life before

reaching NC State; at that time, I was attending a community college in Oregon. I was eventually forced to leave the two programs I was in for medical reasons, and it took several years for me to decide to return to school.

5. What are your future career and life goals? How does being in the military and a Goodnight scholar connect to this?

My future goals are to work with space companies like SpaceX and Relativity Space.

The military helped by fostering a strong work ethic and teaching me what teamwork is; it also provided a pseudo-family, so I’ll always have brothers and sisters regardless of where I live. The Goodnight program is helping shine up my professional skills, network with other students and alumni from various backgrounds, and to engage in the community of Raleigh, and NC as a whole.

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