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First-Year Student Stories

A Goodnight Blog: Jobie White

Jobie White, a Class of 2025 Goodnight Scholar, has felt the stress revolving around final exams just like many students on NC State’s campus. Read on to learn more about how Jobie prepares and studies for exams while keeping his mental health in check!

My name is Jobie White I am a second-year Goodnight Scholar majoring in secondary science education. I have lived in North Carolina for the entirety of my life, more specifically in the mountains near Asheville NC. Throughout school I have always stressed over my exams and it has not gotten better now that I am in college. My goal to alleviate stress surrounding exams is to study for my exams, but the line between studying to prepare and obsessing can be thin. To prepare for my test in a healthy way I like to set goals on what I need to study and the amount of time I need to study. For example I try to cover a chapter a day but I will study until 5:30 and no more after. I believe establishing when to start studying can be crucial in preventing burnout. This is just one tip that works for me and there are thousands of ways to study, but the main point is to prepare for your final while looking out for your mental health. Maintaining a positive mindset is key to succeeding during finals season. It’s important that you know you are not alone in feeling stressed and overwhelmed during finals season. There are thousands of other students going through similar situations as you and there are people here for you. Good luck with finals this year and the ones to come. GO PACK!

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