Frequently Asked Questions

Application Questions

You all have created quite a few videos about the Goodnight Scholars Program! As a prospective first-year/transfer student or parent, which video do you recommend I watch?

All of them! A couple of highlights include our panel of Goodnight Scholars talking about the first-year selection process for the Class of 2023, as well as a different student panel discussing our transfer selection process. Both videos provide a complete snapshot of what our Program is all about!

What are the criteria to receive an invitation to apply to the Goodnight Scholars Program?

Please review the criteria listed on the Apply section of our website. Note that the criteria are slightly different between first-year and transfer applicants.

Which STEM or STEM education majors are eligible for consideration to the Goodnight Scholars Program?

Our list of eligible majors is available here.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to be eligible for this scholarship?

No. All students who qualify as residents of North Carolina, as well as undocumented/DACA students who are living in North Carolina and will graduate from a North Carolina high school or community college, are eligible for this scholarship.

What if my adjusted gross family income (AGI) is over $110,000?

Candidates with AGIs slightly above $110,000 may still be eligible. We know that there are additional, unique factors that can impact a candidate’s financial situation such as having multiple students in college at the same time or sudden major medical expenses. In the Goodnight Scholars Program application, you will be able to explain any of these unique factors. Candidates with AGIs significantly above the $110,000 threshold are ineligible for this scholarship.

How can I share my unique circumstances with the Goodnight Scholars Program to ensure an accurate review of my financial information prior to invitations being sent out?

By completing the self-nomination form in the Apply section of our website.

Does receiving an invitation to apply to the Goodnight Scholars Program mean I am admitted to NC State University?

No, receiving this invitation does not guarantee admission to the University.

Does the application for the Goodnight Scholars Program include a letter of recommendation from my school’s counselor?

No. The Goodnight Scholars Program does not accept any letter of recommendation from its applicants.

When is my FAFSA due?

First-year candidates for the Goodnight Scholars Program must submit their FAFSA by February 15th. Transfer candidates must submit their FAFSA by March 1st.

I have been nominated for the Park Scholarship. Should I fill out the Goodnight Scholars Program application?

Yes. While you cannot be both a Park Scholar and a Goodnight Scholar at NC State, we encourage you to participate in both selection processes until a decision has been made on your candidacy and, if necessary, you are asked to choose which program you will join.

I plan on transferring to NC State in the fall from a North Carolina community college, but I already have a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution. Am I eligible for the Goodnight Scholars Program as a transfer student?

The spirit of the Goodnight Scholars Program for transfer students is to support North Carolina community college students who are pursuing their first bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution.

I am a transfer student looking to enroll at NC State in the spring. Am I eligible for the Goodnight Scholars Program?

Unfortunately, no. Only transfer students who are enrolling at NC State in the fall are eligible for the Goodnight Scholars Program.

Scholarship Questions

What does the Goodnight Scholarship cover?

Tuition and fees, housing, and meals up to $20,500 per academic year as outlined in the NC State cost of attendance for in-state undergraduate students.

How many years/semesters can I receive the Goodnight Scholarship?

Goodnight Scholars who arrive as first-year students receive their scholarship for 4 years (or 8 semesters). Goodnight Scholars who arrive as transfer students receive their scholarship for 3 years (or 6 semesters). Students can postpone receiving their scholarship to participate in co-op; otherwise Goodnight Scholars are expected to use their scholarship funds within the designated time.

How many students are selected to receive the Goodnight Scholarship?

Each year we bring in 50 first-year students from North Carolina high schools and 20 transfer students from North Carolina community colleges. We have 245 active Goodnight Scholars in an academic year.

Do I receive a computer stipend along with my scholarship?

No. However, if you have money leftover from your Goodnight Scholarship after your semester expenses have been paid, you can use those funds towards the purchase of a computer with approval from the Goodnight Scholars Program and the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid. Students can only receive approval to purchase a computer once during their time at NC State.

Can my scholarship be used towards off-campus housing?

Yes. If you live off-campus, the remaining balance from your scholarship (after your tuition and fees have been paid) will be deposited into your bank account near the beginning of each semester, which can be used towards rent. The Goodnight Scholars Program does not approve requests to receive these funds in advance.

Do I have to pay taxes on my Goodnight Scholarship?

Unfortunately, we are not authorized to provide tax advice. Since tax liability depends on each individual’s circumstances, scholars should consult a personal tax advisor with any questions or concerns. We also encourage you to reference the IRS Topic Number 421 – Scholarships, Fellowship Grants, and Other Grants and the IRS Publication 970 – Tax Benefits for Education to gain a complete understanding of education-related taxes and credits.  In addition, the Poole College of Management accounting students offer Free Income Tax Prep Service for students.

Programming Questions

Is attending Goodnight Scholars programming required?

Yes. All Goodnight Scholars are expected to earn a set number of participation hours per academic year to maintain their status in the Goodnight Scholars Program.

What are some examples of Goodnight Scholars programming?

Examples include, but are not limited to: faculty and industry dinners, professional development workshops, cultural and artistic performances, and athletic competitions. Please check out our News blog for the latest programming updates.

Is there a Goodnight Scholars Program course?

Yes. All first-year Goodnight Scholars are required to enroll in GSP 250 & 251 for their first academic year. This course emphasizes personal and professional development, goal setting, values assessment, written and oral communication, group collaboration, and civic responsibility. Transfer Goodnight Scholars are not required to enroll in a GSP course.