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Sep 8, 2016  |  Scholars Blog

Limitless Options

Chemical engineer Catrina Rateb ’18 drops a little veteran wisdom regarding self-discovery in our new Third Year Scholar Blog. “What engineering discipline should I major in?” was probably the first question I asked myself upon my acceptance to NC State and […]

Aug 29, 2016

My Summer on Andros Island

When you think of the Bahamas, you think of pristine beaches and tropical cocktails. But for Tyler Eubanks ’17, his visit down to the Bahamas was all about gaining valuable research experience in environmental science. Goodnight Scholars Program: Tell us […]

Apr 13, 2016


Can you really have too much fun? This year, Jeffrey has been on a mission to answer that very question. This year has been a blast. I have learned and experienced so much throughout the year. I’ve had countless opportunities through Goodnight […]

Apr 6, 2016


Fun Fact: In the 5th grade, Liesl lost a spelling bee because of the word “pollen.” Fun Fact: In the 5th grade, I lost a spelling bee because of the word “pollen.” Picture a little four foot-something, 60 pound Liesl. […]

Mar 18, 2016


We, as people, just cannot stop moving. But what are we moving towards? Jeffrey has an idea. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are extraordinarily lucky. You are at a great university, getting a degree for whatever it […]

Mar 4, 2016

What time is it? Swinter time!

Bundle up for a cold Swinter. No, wait. Now it’s 70 degrees and sunny. Figure out who you want to be, Swinter! If you are unfamiliar with the reference to High School Musical in the title, I recommend you watch […]

Feb 19, 2016

Mental Snow

As Jeffrey continues to learn, it’s HARD to create something from nothing. I have nothing to write about. It always starts like that. There is nothing to say or anything important to share, but at least now there is something […]

Feb 12, 2016

Got Hot Chocolate?

Finding the right college for you is a lot like finding the perfect cup of hot chocolate. No lie. Liesl explains. Have you heard of Sheetz? For any Northerners out there, think Wawa. Sheetz is basically a cooler than normal […]

Jan 22, 2016

New Year’s Fireworks

Let Jeffrey inspire you to light the fireworks for the New YOU! I’ve always wondered why we launch fireworks on New Year’s Day to celebrate the arrival of the New Year aside from the obvious aesthetics. Fireworks are the expression […]