The Goodnight Scholars Program invests in students from low- and middle-income families in North Carolina studying in STEM or STEM education disciplines. This investment represents a commitment to our students’ personal, professional and academic development through scholarship funding, comprehensive programming and enrichment opportunities. The Program empowers Goodnight Scholars to “pay it forward” as transformational leaders at NC State University, in North Carolina and in the world.

Learning Objectives

Goodnight Scholars programming is created with at least one of the following objectives in mind:

  • To develop essential skills and competencies necessary for academic and professional achievement.
  • To encourage commitment and persistence within STEM and STEM education disciplines.
  • To develop influential and informed advocates for STEM and STEM education.
  • To inspire active participation in leadership and group collaboration activities with practical application for future academic, social, and professional aspirations.
  • To increase awareness and appreciation of civic responsibilities, social issues, and self in community.
  • To cultivate global awareness and appreciation for the many cultures that comprise our intrinsically connected world.
  • To establish strong personal and professional relationships with fellow Goodnight Scholars, NC State faculty/staff, NC State alumni, and STEM/STEM education professionals.

Programming Overview

The Goodnight Scholars Program is not a reward for high school achievement, but rather an investment into a student’s untapped potential.

A key component of this investment is the expectation that scholars actively participate in various professional, service and social programming offered by the Goodnight Scholars Program. These programs are intended to stimulate student growth in various critical areas including leadership, interpersonal relationships, industry knowledge and civic engagement. The concept behind this programming initiative is that exposure to programs that challenge, support and educate scholars will create and inspire tomorrow’s future leaders of industry. Our ability to incorporate various NC State faculty, staff,  local STEM professionals and national industry leaders into our programming results in a well-rounded and enlightening experience for our scholars.

Every program ties into, at minimum, one of the Goodnight Scholars Program’s learning objectives. To stay up to date on our latest programming happenings, check out our News page. Examples of current programming include:


  • Fall Break trips to Boston, Massachusetts
  • Dinner series with prominent North Carolina STEM industry and education leaders
  • SAS Emerging Leaders Professional Development Workshops
  • Networking nights with NC State faculty and researchers
  • Resume critique and career fair etiquette workshops


  • Service trips to Trinidad & Tobago and the mountains and coastline of North Carolina
  • Goodnight Scholars LEGO Brick Build service event with the Boys & Girls Club of Wake County
  • Participation in major campus service events including Service Raleigh and Shack-a-thon
  • STEM Nights at local elementary schools
  • Partnerships with local nonprofit organizations including ActivateGood and the Green Chair Project


  • NC State Football Bye Week Tailgate Party
  • Cultural arts performances at local museums and theaters
  • Cohort socials & trips
  • Holiday-themed potlucks
  • Outdoor activities and adventures
  • NC State athletic games