Facts and Statistics

The Goodnight Scholars Program, funded by a generous gift from Dr. Jim and Ann Goodnight of SAS Institute, began in 2008 with 25 scholars. Since then, it has grown into a comprehensive student development program designed to empower scholars to be influential leaders and contributors within the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and/or education fields. The Goodnight Scholarship is targeted at low- and middle-income families from North Carolina and is limited to students studying in STEM or affiliated Education disciplines. The value of the scholarship is $20,000 and is renewable for up to four years ($80,000 total) for first-year students, and three years for transfer students. Over 210 undergraduate NC State students receive the Goodnight Scholarship per academic year.

  • # of counties represented in Class of 2020: 29
  • # of different STEM and STEM education majors in Class of 2020: 21
  • Average unweighted GPA of Class of 2020: 3.94
  • Average weighted GPA of Class of 2020: 4.85
  • # of school supplies donated to Boys & Girls Club from LEGO Brick Build: 362
  • $ of money raised through Shackathon for Habitat for Humanity in 2015-2016: $3,500
  • $ of enrichment grants awarded in 2015-2016: $133,600
  • # of Goodnight Scholars w/ perfect GPA in Spring 2016: 44
  • # of Goodnight Scholars on the Dean’s List in Spring 2016:145
  • # of Graduating Seniors honored at Goodnight Graduation Gala: 41
  • # of student development programs offered: 95
  • # of miles traveled in ASB: NC Mountains to Coast trip: 1083
  • # of Goodnight Scholars Points (GSPs) earned by highest point earner, Laura Goodman ‘18: 152
  • # of Goodnight Ambassadors in the inaugural year of the Goodnight Ambassador program: 37
  • % increase in applications for Class of 2020 over previous year: 20%
  • Length of the first-ever Goodnight Scholars Program promotional video: 5 min 41 sec