Returning to Poe Hall

Photograph of NC State Goodnight Scholar Kyanna Sumpter of the class of 2022 in front of Poe Hall.

We all know when August comes back around what time of the year it is. For some, it’s a new start at a new school, and for others, it’s the return back to their usual routine. 

For me, it is the time for me to return to one of my favorite places to be after a long summer away, NC State’s College of Education.

My name is Kyanna Sumpter, but everyone calls me Kay. I am starting my junior year here at NC State and majoring in elementary education with a special education licensure add-on. Being in the College of Education at NC State has been one of the best experiences of my life. My advisors and teachers have been supportive ever since my first visit to NC State. The other students and everyone in Poe are always supportive and helpful. Whether receiving directions to a classroom or a recommendation for classes to take, people are always willing to help. This experience has been life changing for me. 

In the College of Education, I am involved in a lot of student organizations. I became involved in these organizations because I wanted to feel like I had a home and safe space on such a huge campus. After becoming more involved in my college, I quickly realized that the College of Education was a home for me. I am involved in the Education Council, Passport to Success, Global Educators, and Student Ambassadors. Each of these organizations gives me the opportunity to enhance my undergraduate experience while interacting with other students who have the same interests as me. They each focus on helping me become an amazing future educator who will positively impact the lives of my future students.

Photo of Kay Sumpter with peers in NC State College of Education at Welcome Week activity.

On the Education Council, I serve as the secretary. This is the start of my second year as the secretary. Education Council is an umbrella organization for all of the student organizations in the College of Education. We oversee the funds for each organization and are responsible for making sure organizations follow the guidelines and rules. Education Council puts together and manages many events throughout the year for the College of Education. This was a great way for me to get involved with the College of Education because I have the chance to know about all of the events going on in each organization.

The Passport to Success Program gives me the opportunity to personalize my undergraduate experience in the College of Education. Passport to Success has a focus on four themes: global knowledge, community engagement, cross-cultural skills, and professional development. I am able to decide what programs I attend for each theme. This gives me the ability to attend programs that interest me and will help me professionally. I mainly try to pick opportunities that help me see things from a different perspective since this is what I will need to do every day in my classroom.

As a student ambassador in the College of Education, I help our admissions team reach out to prospective students. We help with open houses, phone calls to prospective students, and other events. I get to tell them about all of my great experiences and what the College of Education has to offer. My favorite part of being a student ambassador is remembering how I was once in the same shoes of the prospective students I call. I was once looking for a college that would be the right fit for me. I remember how the student ambassadors helped me learn more about the College of Education and helped me form my first connection. Not only do we help students, but we also volunteer in the community around NC State. We volunteered at a fall festival and I had the best time. I was able to talk with parents and help children have a fun time.

Being back on campus gives me the chance to be back at a place I love. Even though things are different, I still have the opportunity to serve. I feel more supported this semester than I ever have. I love being a part of the College of Education!

Photography credit: Jason Perry/Goodnight Scholars Program