An Unprecedented Class for an Unprecedented Time

Collage of portrait photographs of NC State Goodnight Scholars TJ Adams, Rachel Bland, and Erika Debnam of the Class of 2020.

Celebrating the achievements and resilience of the Class of 2020 and Transfer Class of 2019.

It is not the ending that anyone imagined, but the timing could not be any better for a world that needs talented young engineers, scientists, and educators.

The Goodnight Scholars Program’s Class of 2020 and Transfer Class of 2019 leave a legacy of success at NC State. Both cohorts are remembered for their unwavering work ethic, enthusiasm, and commitment to supporting each other through life’s biggest challenges.

The Class of 2020’s journey at NC State began in August 2016. From the moment they arrived on-campus, they embraced the mantra of Think and Do. A quick scan of their accomplishments will reveal a cohort of researchers, campus leaders, and international award winners. But above all their titles and honors, the Goodnight Scholars community most values the love and effort they put into mentoring younger Goodnight Scholars and living up to the pay it forward attitude.

The Transfer Class of 2019 represent a significant milestone by becoming the first transfer cohort to graduate from the Goodnight Scholars Program, marking the end of a three-year journey that reshaped the Goodnight Scholars Program. Any person who met these students can attest to the tremendous character and strength they displayed throughout their collegiate experience. They serve as a source of inspiration for future transfer students who wish to strive for greatness at NC State, and the Goodnight Scholars community is better for having them in it.

Join the NC State and Goodnight Scholars communities in celebrating these impressive graduates by visiting their graduation portraits album which includes bios and post-graduation plans!

Photography credit: Connie Feinberg, Josh Guter, Sandy Lin, Rhiannon See & Jason Perry/Goodnight Scholars Program and Alex McNeilly/EMAS Communications