Photo Round-Up: Shack-A-Thon 2019

Using the power of baked goods, arts and crafts, and shaving cream to raise money for affordable housing in Wake County.

19 shacks. 5 days. 1 Habitat home. Shack-A-Thon has been a student-favorite campus fundraiser since 1998 and the money earned from this event has gone to the construction of 34 homes in Wake County.

This year, the tradition of spreading awareness and raising money to combat homelessness continued as student organizations constructed shacks on the Brickyard with the hopes of meeting Habitat for Humanity’s 2019 fundraising goal of $65,000.

If you strolled the Brickyard last week, chances are you stumbled onto the “Goodnight-ler” Shack: our Lorax-themed shack decorated with reusable materials and selling an assortment of snacks and artwork. But the biggest money maker each year is our pie auction, where students launch pies of shaving cream into the faces of their peers, Goodnight Scholars pro staff and NC State celebrities like THE Dr. Thomas Stafford!

Once the shaving cream settled and the week came to a close, Goodnight Scholars raised $3,472.92: good enough for second place in the Shack-A-Thon competition and, more importantly, critical to the construction of a Habitat home this year.

Donations are still being accepted, so while you are enjoying flipping through our favorite photos, think about contributing to the cause!

Photography credit: Alex McNeilly/EMAS Communications