Photo Round-Up: 2019 Fall Break

Two new adventures and an old favorite return for Fall Break 2019.

Boston, we love you. We really do! It’s why we returned this year with a new group of scholars and introduced them to our friends at MIT’s Edgerton Center and BioMAN, Fenway Park and Massachusetts General Hospital. But as our Goodnight Scholars community grows, we need to create more travel opportunities for more scholars to explore.

Enter Fall Break: Toronto and North Carolina’s “Fostering STEM Futures.”

Home of the iconic CN Tower and a short drive from the breathtaking Niagra Falls, Toronto is the most populous city in Canada at around 5.5 million people (slightly bigger than Raleigh). Scholars were able to marvel at Toronto’s artistic touch in the galleries of the Royal Ontario Museum, learn about advancements in virtual care from Dr. Sacha Bhatia at the Women’s College Research Institute, and discover hidden gems of the Toronto food scene.

Not all of the excitement happened up north. A group of Goodnight Scholars used Fall Break to share their love for STEM with North Carolina foster care children. Fostering STEM Futures, co-founded by Melanie Hardee ’20 and Logan Boyles ’20, is a spin-off of our North Carolina: Mountains to Coast trip with a focus on educating children in North Carolina foster homes about the daily impact of science and engineering on people’s lives.

Of course we brought cameras! Of course we want to share our photos with faithful readers like you!

Photography credit: Melanie Hardee (Fostering STEM Futures), Chandra Manivannan and Allison Medlin (Toronto), Sandy Link (Boston)/Goodnight Scholars Program, Jim Bales (Boston)/MIT Edgerton Center)