Photo Round-Up: Competition Brings Us Together

A new season of Major Madness kicks off. Let the trash-talking begin!

Whose major reigns supreme in the Goodnight Scholars community? The only way to find out is to pit them against each other in a tournament full of obscure and challenging STEM games. Major Madness brings out the (healthy) competitive side of our Goodnight Scholars and our photogs at EMAS Communications were able to capture day one of this year-long academic battle.

Despite the “intense” nature of these games, Goodnight Scholars are able to leave it all behind them and bond as a cohort by getting together for good times all throughout Raleigh including at Morgan Street Food HallBugFest, Pullen Park, Adventure Landing and Lake Johnson!

But it is all fun and games until the next round of Major Madness…

Photography credit: Josh Guter/EMAS Communications, Emily Elliot/EMAS Communications, Stephanie Atkinson/Goodnight Scholars Program, Selma Okyere-Badoo/Goodnight Scholars Program, Christian Williams/Goodnight Scholars Program, Jamal Issa/Goodnight Scholars Program