Photo Round-Up: LEGO Brick Build 2019

Photo of NC State Goodnight Scholar Sid Rogers teaching elementary school kids about physics using LEGO.

Building the future of STEM one brick at a time.

On March 23rd, over 100 kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Wake County joined 50+ Goodnight Scholars in the Carmichael Gymnasium for a day of STEM education activities all using the power of LEGO! The Goodnight Scholars Program’s LEGO Brick Build celebrated its fifth anniversary by taking kids “around the world” through a variety of activities with a continent theme ranging from building cars to race in the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Europe to building the tallest tower that could rival the Burj Khalifa in Asia.

Enjoy some of our favorite photos from the event below!

Photography credit: Matt Spivey/EMAS Communications