Photo Round-Up: Spring Break 2019

Group photo of NC State Goodnight Scholars on a boat in the swamps of Trinidad & Tobago.

All sorts of photo goodness from our annual service trips to Trinidad & Tobago and the North Carolina mountains and coastline.

If you happened to be on the island of Trinidad & Tobago, or downtown in a dozen North Carolina communities, there was a good chance you saw Goodnight Scholars advocating for STEM education and conservation. Not only do Goodnight Scholars on these trips get a chance to inspire North Carolina and Trini youth about STEM, but they get to experience cultures they have only read about; some of which that are practically in their own backyard!

Follow along on our Goodnight Scholars travels by checking out our North Carolina: Mountains to Coast photos below, and click here for our international journey to Trinidad & Tobago.

Photography credit: Sandy Lin/Goodnight Scholars Program, Beatriz Gurgel/Goodnight Scholars Program