Photo Round-Up: Busy

Group photo of NC State Goodnight Scholars volunteers at the Finalist Interview Day in February 2019.

The good kind of busy, of course. Between the Class of 2023’s Finalist Interview Day, STEM Night, and getting in touch with our inner Bob Ross, March has been a blur.

But for all of the controlled chaos and excitement that March brought, we enjoyed hanging out with friends both old and new. Thank you to Cirque de Vol for testing our scholars’ core strength; Northwoods Elementary for opening their doors to our STEM coaches; and Wine & Design (minus the wine) for showing us how to paint a canvas that anybody would want hanging in their house. Most important of all, thank you to the 200 finalists and guests who amazed us with their accomplishments at our Class of 2023 Finalist Interview Day, and showing that North Carolina has some serious STEM talent. Our favorite photos from Finalist Interview Day can be seen below!

Photography credit: Joshua Guter/Goodnight Scholars Program, Matt Spivey/EMAS Communications