Photo Round-Up: Climbing Career Ladders, Rock Walls, and Madness Mountain

Group photo of NC State Goodnight Scholars participating in Major Madness competition at Peele Hall in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We are sensing a general theme here…

We blinked and, all of a sudden, it is nearly the end of February. This semester has been fast-paced not only for our students, but for our Program. Seems like we are always climbing and conquering new challenges, which sort of became an unofficial theme in our student programming these last two months.

Our SAS Emerging Leaders panel focused on delivering practical tips on career advancement, and encouraging our scholars to start solidifying their professional network. The Class of 2021 locked in their carabiners and ascended to the top of the Triangle Rock Club as part of their cohort social night. And our year-long tournament, Major Madness, is entering its final stages where scholars from different majors compete in an assortment of mini-games to see which major is elite.

Enjoy a collection of candid pics from the Class of 2021 Rock Climbing Social below, and as well as using the following links for photos from the SAS Emerging Leaders panel and Major Madness tournament.

Photography credit: Josh Guter/Goodnight Scholars Program, EMAS Communications