Celebrating our Fall 2018 Graduates

It is bittersweet, but we could not be happier for our newest group of Goodnight Scholars alumni!

In advance of tomorrow’s commencement exercises, we celebrate our Goodnight Scholars who will be finishing up their academic careers and officially joining the ranks of Goodnight Scholars alumni! We are proud of their achievements, and look forward to seeing their impact on the world as young professionals and advocates for STEM and education. Congratulations to:

John Fee, Bachelor of Science, Statistics

Erik Ryder, Bachelor of ScienceGeology

Julia Treis, Bachelor of ScienceMechanical Engineering

Alexis Craddock, Bachelor of ScienceScience Education

Samantha Labertew, Bachelor of ScienceIndustrial Engineering

Anna Lynn Smith, Bachelor of ScienceAnimal Science

Caeman Toombs, Bachelor of ScienceComputer Science

Dominique Weatherspoon, Bachelor of ScienceMathematics

Hannah Smith, Bachelor of ScienceAnimal Science

Bilal Haque, Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry

Hallie Brown, Bachelor of Science, Nutrition Science

Photography credit: Roger Winstead/NC State