Photo Round-Up: Shack-a-thon, Bye Week Tailgate, and BugFest

Shacks, snacks, and bugs. We were trying for the rhyming trifecta, and failed miserably. Nevertheless, enjoy candid shots from a few memorable Goodnight Scholars events in September and October!

Every week there is something to do in the Goodnight Scholars Program, and it is never the same! These past few weeks have been filled with Goodnight Scholars programming with highlights such as fundraising for Habitat for Humanity’s Shack-a-thon, inhaling all of the Bojangles’ fried chicken at the Bye Week Tailgate, and participating in the Anthropod Olympics at BugFest (photos by Connie Feinberg and RJ Javier)!

Photography credit:  Brantley Atkinson/EMAS Communications, Connie Feinberg/Goodnight Scholars Program, RJ Javier/EMAS Communications, Alex McNeilly/EMAS Communications