Celebrating the Class of 2018

The Goodnight Scholars Class of 2018 is defined by its academic excellence and dedication to community service.

The collective success of the Class of 2018 speaks for itself.

In four years, they have traveled the world. Portugal, Australia, Japan are but a small sample of the countries whose soil has been traversed by the feet of our seniors. Awards and accolades have been draped around their necks and displayed on their shelves. 

They have made their mark at NC State and, needless to say, it’s a big imprint. Colleges and departments like the College of Sciences, the SAY Village, Juntos Program, and NC State Women’s Center can call students from this cohort some of their most dependable and trustworthy. Student clubs and organizations such as Delta Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Dance Marathon can claim them as reliable leaders. A look beyond the boundaries of NC State reveals their talent and influence at work. Whether it is interning at the Baylor College of Medicine and co-oping at Oracle or building houses in Nicaragua with the Fuller Center and managing an educational trust for students in India, this cohort has shown how investing in talented college students pays dividends for communities of all shapes and sizes.

The Class of 2018 have modeled an unrelenting work ethic and commitment to their personal and professional development. Their intellect is matched only by their heart and compassion. This is a cohort that is 100% in tune with our Program’s mantra of “paying it forward”, and we are now proud to call them alumni!

Please click here for the Class of 2018’s bios and post-graduation plans.