New Year, Better Me

Instead of a New Year’s resolution, make a New Year’s commitment!

Before you start reading this entry, I want you to do something for me. I need you to take a moment, breathe and look around. Take in as much detail of where you are and what you are doing, and think to yourself about the year 2017. A combination of laughter, tears of heartbreak, glorious victories, and downright disappointment is just a sample cocktail of what could be swirling around in your mind at this moment.

Now think about the year 2018. Watch as your mind fills with the endless hope and subtle worries that encompass the upcoming year. Soon enough visions of these aspects seem to take form and create a movie trailer of what may or may not occur, but you know that this trailer could change at any moment and the whole course of the movie be thrown off with this one simple shift.

The year of 2018 is not found in the phrase “new year, new me,” but something slightly different, something along the lines of “new year, better me.” This year is a time to build upon your character and grow in your disciplines. For me, I hope to root myself deeper in my faith, grow in kindness and patience, and expand my perspective of other cultures. For you, the list may be longer or shorter, but it does not matter as long as you find yourself bettering your life and others lives.

Don’t think of this as a New Year’s resolution, but a New Year’s commitment, not only to yourself but to your loved ones, your enemies, and those you have yet to meet. As the year progresses don’t lose hope in this commitment, and when that one day comes (you know that day, the one where you think nothing else can go wrong, but it does), find strength to continue onwards so you can learn to encourage others for when they undergo their own difficult days.

So when you picture the year 2018, I hope your movie trailer seems to glisten and glow with kindness, love, and enthusiasm, and you see yourself encouraging others and paying the amazing blessing of life you have been given forward.

Happy New Year and go Wolfpack!