10 For 10: Ashley Holloman

Ten questions for Goodnight Scholars alumni as part of the Goodnight Scholars Program’s 10th anniversary celebration. Meet Ashley Holloman ’13, agricultural education teacher at Corinth Holders High School in Johnston County.

Goodnight Scholars Program: Where has life taken you since graduating from NC State?

Ashley Holloman ’13: I am currently an agricultural education teacher at Corinth Holders High School. I have been working at Corinth Holders High School since I graduated from NC State in 2013.

What does being an agricultural education teacher involve?

I spend a lot of time working with students outside of the classroom through the FFA. I operate, maintain and organize the livestock barn learning facilities we have on campus and work with students who are a part of the show team. In addition to my role as a teacher, I serve on the CHHS Scholarship Committee, CHHS Prom Committee, and I am an NCATA Member, which is a professional organization for ag teachers.

Who inspired you to become a teacher in North Carolina?

My agricultural education teacher, Allison Jennings, first planted the seed that grew into a passion of teaching. I never knew I wanted to be a teacher. However, seeing her passion, her drive and her love for teaching inspired me. When it came to applying for schools, I knew I wanted to go to NC State and the agricultural education department seemed like the perfect fit.

What’s been the most rewarding part of being a teacher?

I feel this should be an easy one, but it’s tough. There are many rewarding things about being a teacher! I would say the most rewarding thing about being a teacher is seeing my students honored for their accomplishments, whether it is on the sports field, through academics, a band performance, being accepted into the college of their choice, etc. Each student is unique, and their drive and motivation is different.

How did your education at NC State prepare you for your teaching role?

NC State prepared me to be a teacher by providing me with the resources and opportunities to be prepared for the classroom. NC State is unique because it offers agricultural education through the College of Life Sciences (CALS) and not the College of Education.

If it takes you a little longer to accomplish something that is okay! A part of going to college is finding yourself and finding things you love to do.

What opportunities did this offer you?

It allowed me the opportunity to take classes through the College of Education focusing on assessments, classroom management, etc., as well as attend classes through CALS focused on specific hands-on experiences I can utilize in the classroom. My concentration was animal science, so I was able to take courses in the Department of Animal Science, such as swine management, animal nutrition, and anatomy and physiology. These courses allowed me to use information I learned in class at NC State and utilize it in my classroom at Corinth Holders. I believe these courses have led to my success at Corinth Holders High School. The other benefit of attending NC State to earn an education is the connections I have made with others across the state! I love the relationships I have established with teachers in the Agricultural Education world, but also people who are in the Agricultural Industry that I met at NC State.

What is your fondest memory from your undergraduate years?

My fondest memory of my undergraduate was move-in day and the first week of school. The excitement of your first move-in day can not be forgotten. I couldn’t wait to meet my suitemates, my roommate, and get my room all set up. I can remember that day wishing I could use the elevator to move into my dorm room instead of the stairs and wishing I packed a lot less! Then when it’s your first day/week of freedom and you get to enjoy the Wolfpack Welcome Week activities with your new friends. There is nothing like it. Those friends I made that first week are some of my best friends today!

How are you spending your time outside of the classroom?

When you do what you love you never go to work a day in your life! However, if I am not at school (which is not often), most of my time is spent on our small farm tending to the lambs, goats, and cows. If I am not working on the farm, you will most likely find me backing the Pack, supporting the CHHS Pirates, traveling or just napping!

Is there any advice you think is important for current NC State students and Goodnight Scholars to hear?

Take advantage of every opportunity you are given! To see the opportunities NC State Students and the Goodnight Scholars have available to them compared to when I was at State is amazing! It is important to seize every opportunity you are given, because with each opportunity you gain experience, you learn skills, and you develop a passion that impacts your future.

Do you think students tend to try to accomplish all of that in a short amount of time?

If it takes you a little longer to accomplish something that is okay! A part of going to college is finding yourself and finding things you love to do. It took me four and a half years to finish up my studies at NC State. When I went to NC State, I found an additional program area I was interested in: leadership. I enjoyed the classes so much that I wanted to achieve a minor in the area. Was it hard knowing I wasn’t going to be able to finish in four years? Yes, especially going into education. In the end, however, it was worth it. I created a larger network of people that I still use today.

Photography credit: Jason Perry/Goodnight Scholars Program