Photo Round-Up: Serving, Jamming, Belltower-ing?

As final projects and exams loom large, Goodnight Scholars unwind by serving others, rocking out, and learning about the history of NC State’s most famous landmark.

It’s THAT time of the academic year.

Summer vacation is in sight and we can feel the sand mashing in between our toes. But every time we start to surf into our beach fantasies, we become abruptly awoken by dreaded exams, final projects, and end of the year drama.

Breaks to connect with friends and family are essential during this stretch of intense exams and projects, all of which represent a culmination of complex classroom lectures and ungodly hours with study groups. For a collection of Goodnight Scholars, these breaks came in the form of volunteering with Service Raleigh, flexing their musically-inclined muscles at the Goodnight Scholars Jam Session, and marveling at the sight of Dr. Tom Stafford passionately recalling the deeply rooted history of the Memorial Belltower on NC State’s campus.

If you’re a regular visitor of our site, you know the drill by now. We’ve got photos from each event courtesy of both EMAS Communications AND our very own Megan Owens ’18. Click the links above for each Flickr album and enjoy!

Photography credit: Andrew Arden/EMAS Communications, Brantley Atkinson/EMAS Communications, Megan Owens/Goodnight Scholars Program