It’s Good to be Back

Shipping up to Boston again for the Goodnight Scholars annual Fall Break trip. Whoa!

October for the Goodnight Scholars Program means one thing and one thing only: Boston.

Our Fall Break trip to Boston, Massachusetts means more than a single word. Educational, eye-opening, fulfilling, and fun are some of the many words thrown around by Goodnight Scholars who attend this adventure to the North.

A gracious thank you goes out to all of our partners at Volpe, MIT’s Edgerton Center and BioMAN Program, Freedom Trail Foundation, and the Boston Red Sox: all of whom go out of their way to make this trip one of the highlights of being a Goodnight Scholar.

You love looking at photos. We love taking photos. Enjoy some of our favorite shots from our visit to the Hub!

Photography credit: Jason Perry/Goodnight Scholars Program