Goodnight Scholars Assemble!

Goodnight Scholars answer the call and unite for the annual All Goodnight Meeting at NC State.

All 200 Goodnight Scholars in one room. It only happens a handful of times during the year, but when it does, it results in some unforgettable memories.

This year’s All Goodnight Meeting (AGM) celebrated not only the exciting opportunities happening in the community, but also the musical and artistic talent of our scholars. Carl Jenkins ’17, Sarah Bristol ’17, and special guest Will Payne belted out acoustic pop hits; Atif Mahmood ’19 and Chandra Manivannan ’20 brought the house down with a fusion Bhangra dance-off; and Ian Woodward ’17 and Parker Colbath ’18 closed the night out with a sleek tenor sax and acoustic guitar jazz performance. Factoring in a candid Q&A from Dr. Goodnight himself, along with presentations about popular Goodnight Scholars trips including Boston, Trinidad & Tobago, and North Carolina: Mountains to Coast, and it’s no surprise that this year’s AGM earned the title of “Best Ever”.

For a photo recap of the evening’s festivities, please click here and enjoy the top shots from EMAS Marketing and Communications.

Photography credit: Alex McNeilly/EMAS Communications