Challenge Accepted

2016-2017 Goodnight Scholars Program student leaders are ready for BIG things and BIG challenges at NC State.

64 Goodnight Scholars spanning the Program’s four classes will take on an assortment of traditional and new leadership roles in the community for the 2016-2017 academic year. These scholars will help the Goodnight Scholars Program reach new heights in programming and outreach.

Alternative Service Break: Trinidad & Tobago & North Carolina: Mountains to Coast Team Leaders

ASB: Trinidad & Tobago takes Goodnight Scholars on a week-long service trip to the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago in March, where scholars participate in a series of environmentally-focused activities in partnership with the Asa Wright Nature Centre, Peacework International, and local primary schools. North Carolina: Mountains to Coast, also a week-long service trip in March, enables Goodnight Scholars to promote the possibilities of STEM to elementary and middle school students scattered throughout the state, specifically in under-resourced communities.

Trinidad & Tobago: Kelly Harris ’17 and Benjamin Laramee ’19.

North Carolina: Evan Rogers ’18, Meredith Bain ’19, and Kaleb Morrow ’18 (advisor).

Goodnight Ambassadors

Goodnight Ambassadors play a pivotal role in the outreach efforts of the Goodnight Scholars Program. Scholars selected as Goodnight Ambassadors are tasked with participating in a number of community outreach initiatives throughout the academic year to help inform North Carolina high school students, families, educators, counselors, and more about the Goodnight Scholars Program and NC State. These outreach efforts include both on-campus events and travelling to high schools scattered throughout the state of North Carolina.

Bailey Craddock ’17, Benjamin Laramee ’19, Betsy Murphy ’19, Cassidy Slabaugh ’17, Christina LaMaire ’18, Ellen Schilkowsky ’17, Evan Rogers ’18, Franklin Blum ’17, Hadley Bryan ’17, Hannah Hunt ’19, Juliet Simpson ’18, Kaleb Morrow ’18, Katie Almasy ’17, Laura Goodman ’18, Madison Baldwin ’18, Meredith Bain ’19, Meredith Dickens ’19, Olivia Billings ’19, Sarah Bristol ’17, Shelby Brookshire ’19, Stephen Carpenter ’17, Thomas Matrejek ’18, Timothy Chen ’19, Tyler Eller ’19, and Wren Fowler ’18.

Goodnight Mentors

Goodnight Mentors serve as a personal connection for incoming first-year scholars (FYSs) to the Goodnight Scholars Program and NC State. The Goodnight Mentor provides academic, social, and emotional support for FYSs through various one-on-one meet-ups and group programming.

Aimee Durrett ’18, Asa Augustin ’19, Atif Mahmood ’19, Carl Jenkins ’17, Catrina Rateb ’18, Conner Metz ’17, Courtney Smith ’17, Dwight Hilton ’19, Gabriella Mamlouk ’19, Hadley Bryan ’17, Ian Woodward ’17, Jasmine Kamiab ’18, Jewel Wasson ’19, Kendall Rease ’18, Lane Willis ’18, Lauren Smith ’19, Liesl Miranda ’19, Max Davis ’18, Meredith Dickens ’19, Rachel Tilly ’19, Randy Bazhaw ’19, Rebecca Pridgen ’19, Sambit Panda ’18, Sheppard Medlin ’19, and Taylor Blankenship ’19.

Summer Intern

Each summer, the Goodnight Scholars Program hires one current undergraduate Goodnight Scholar as a paid summer intern to work with programming development over the course of both NC State summer sessions, as well as to support the Program’s tie-in with Packapalooza.

Courtney Smith ’17.

Summer Retreat Leaders

Retreat Leaders are a critical part of the 3-day Summer Retreat as they are responsible for facilitating small group activities and supporting the transition of first-year scholars to NC State and the Goodnight Scholars communities.

Ally Schueneman ’18, Anna Smith ’18, Benjamin Laramee ’19, Carl Jenkins ’17, John Medeiros ’19, Katie Almasy ’17, Laura Goodman ’18, Nishant Singh ’19, Olivia Billings ’19, Sarah Bristol ’17, Stephen Carpenter ’17, and T.J. Adams ’19.

 LEGO Brick Build Committee

The LEGO Brick Build was created by the Goodnight Scholars Executive Committee in 2014, and the first Brick Build was held in Carmichael Gymnasium in April 2015. The purpose of the event is to promote STEM education in the Triangle area while also providing an opportunity for Goodnight Scholars and NC State students to volunteer or participate in a design challenge. The Brick Build Committee will be led by two student co-chairs, who will take a lead supervisory role in ensuring the quality delivery of the Brick Build Competition.

Courtney Smith ’17 (co-chair), Tin Phan ’19 (co-chair), Aalia Shariff ’19, Asa Augustin ’19, Hayley Russell ’19, Julia Treis ’18, Mason Collier ’18, and Sambit Panda ’18.

Shackathon Committee

Shack-A-Thon is a week-long event in the Brickyard where Habitat NC State, along with many other student organizations, builds wooden shacks which they must occupy 24 hours a day for five consecutive days. The Shack-A-Thon Committee will be responsible for the planning and implementation of the Goodnight Scholars’ participation in Shack-A-Thon. The Shack-A-Thon Committee will be led by two student co-chairs, who will take a lead supervisory role in ensuring the the committee meets its fundraising goals and volunteers are trained to be on site at the Shack.

Ian Woodward ’17 (co-chair), Sambit Panda ’18 (co-chair), Asa Augustin ’19, Courtney Smith ’17, Parker Colbath ’18, and Timothy Chen ’19.

Traditions Committee

The Traditions Committee will be responsible for developing a proposal for program-wide and class traditions. Examples of current program traditions include the All Goodnight Meeting, Goodnight Graduation Gala, and Bye Week Tailgate. The Traditions Committee will be led by two student co-chairs, who will take a lead supervisory role in ensuring that the committee stays on task and develops a thoughtful and creative proposal.

Katie Almasy ’17 (co-chair), Kelsie Gardner ’17 (co-chair), Ian Woodward ’17, Isaac Tolbert ’19, Jeffrey Barahona ’19, Kaleb Morrow ’18, Laura Goodman ’18, and Liesl Miranda ’19.