Goodnight Spotlight: Kraig Turner

Each month, the Goodnight Scholars Program highlights a select number of current Goodnight Scholars who represent the program’s highly diverse and involved student cohort. This month, the spotlight focuses on son of a tobacco farmer and Blanch native, Kraig Turner ’18.

Goodnight Scholars Program: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Kraig Turner: I am from a rural area called Blanch, North Carolina located in Caswell County. The area is mostly farmland. My dad was actually a tobacco farmer for many years. I am the fifth child of six. I have four brothers and one sister. My childhood was spent playing outside in the woods with my brothers and sister. I went to high school at Bartlett Yancey High School (BYHS) which offered mainly vocational learning classes. I spent much of my time in agricultural education classes and with my school’s FFA chapter. BYHS offered only a few AP classes and I was able to take them all including online calculus. It was then when I discovered that I was skilled in math and chemistry. Because of this, I decided to pursue a degree in chemical and biomolecular engineering at NC State.

Talk about some of your greatest accomplishments in high school and at NC State thus far.

One of my accomplishments while here at NC State is that I came in 1st place at Freshman Engineering Design Day. My team was able to build a nuclear probe that could accurately measure the radiation level in the nuclear reactor. I am also very proud to have been apart of the Goodnight Scholar Mentor Program, where I was able to advise and support two first-year Goodnight Scholars. This was truly growing experience. After being a mentee my first-year in the Goodnight Scholars PRogram, I learned what it is like to be on the other side of the mentor-mentee relationship. I am also a sign-up tutor at the University Tutorial Center. I enjoy this because I am able develop my communication skills, as well as help other students.

Every time I go to a Goodnight Scholars event, I am always impressed by how friendly and knowledgeable my fellow scholars are.

What has your experience in the Goodnight Scholars Program been like thus far?

My experience in the Goodnight Scholars Program has helped me develop both personally and professionally. The Goodnight Scholar Program is filled with some of the most amazing people at NC State. Every time I go to a Goodnight Scholars event, I am always impressed by how friendly and knowledgeable my fellow scholars are. The Goodnight Scholars events themselves are also equally as impressive. From the Real Leadership Series to painting the Freedom of Expression Tunnel, I am learning professional skills while also having fun.

What does being a Goodnight Scholar mean to you?

Being a Goodnight Scholar means that I am apart of the best scholarship program at NC State. Being a Goodnight Scholar means that I am part of a community that pushes to lead NC State in service, leadership, and academics.

How has the Goodnight Scholars Program prepared you for life after college?

By helping me develop soft skills. I have attended Goodnight Scholars events that focus on interview and communication skills. These are not skills that I am taught in my engineering classes, but they are very valuable to have and will help me get a job and excel in my career.

Speaking of life after college, what are your future career goals and aspirations?

My future career goal is to get my Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering. I then want to go into industry. I would prefer to stay and work for a company here in North Carolina.

What advice would give to a new or prospective Goodnight Scholars about being involved at NC State and the Goodnight Scholars Program?

I would advise new or prospective Goodnight Scholars to attend as many events as they can. There are events that are fun and also push you outside of your comfort zone. When you are pushed out of your comfort zone, you are able to truly grow as a person. If you are afraid of public speaking, go to a public speaking workshop. If you are terrified of being interviewed, go to a mock interviewing night. You will learn far more at these events than you could ever imagine. This advice also goes to all new students at NC State. NC State is so large and offers so many opportunities. There are so many things to do and people to meet. Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.