Service With A Smile

Fifteen Goodnight Scholars embarked on a journey of service, introspection, and cultural enlightenment in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

As part of a continued partnership with the Goodnight Scholars Program, CSLEPS, and Peacework International, 15 Goodnight Scholars spent their Spring Breaks in the Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago, roughly 50 miles from the coastline of Venezuela, for a full week of service and immersion. For some, it was a return to see familiar faces and locations. For others, it was a complete 180 from their lives in North Carolina. For all, it was a fulfilling week of activities and interactions that will be lifelong memories.

From shed construction and restoration at the gorgeous Asa Wright Nature Centre to conservation classroom workshops at Malabar RC and Arima New Government primary schools, Goodnight Scholars ran the gamut of service activities, allowing them to flex their intellectual, creative, and actual muscles. More importantly though, this service work supported various Trinidad & Tobago community partners who were always willing to not only learn, but also teach the Goodnight Scholars about the solutions they use to address some of the island’s most pressing issues. One couldn’t have asked for a better mutual exchange of knowledge and culture.

The top photos from the Trinidad & Tobago adventures can be found on our Flickr page. Due to a privacy agreement, we are unable to share the photos from the Malabar RC and Arima New Government classroom workshops. Those memories will just have to be kept to ourselves!

UPDATE: We are able to share our photos from Malabar RC via the Flickr link above!

Photography credit: Jason Perry/Goodnight Scholars Program