Did You Hear the One About the Astronaut, Science Evangelist, and Chancellor?

Our photo mashup featuring a trio of inspiring educators, scientists, and trailblazers.

Can you start the first quarter of 2016 any better than with visits from NC State’s distinguished leader Chancellor Randy Woodson; NASA astronaut and NC State alumna Christina Hammock-Koch; and science evangelist turned author Dr. Ainissa Ramirez? You would be hard pressed to find a better collection of influential educators and STEM advocates.

That is unless you are an NC State student or Goodnight Scholar.

Whether it was dinner conversations about NC State’s future, insight into the unthinkable rigors of astronaut training, or the secret science behind America’s Game, both the NC State community and Goodnight Scholars were able to learn from some of the top minds in the country.

Use the links above to check out our favorite images from each event!

Photography credit: Brantley Atkinson/EMAS Communications (Woodson & Ramirez), Alex McNeilly/EMAS Communications (Woodson & Ramirez), Jason Perry/Goodnight Scholars Program (Hammock-Koch)